Life – Technology = BLISS

no_technologySince we moved to Waynesville and started farming, homeschooling and living without cable or satellite, I have had entire days without getting on a computer. Entire weekends without a single call or text message. One entire month without even sitting on the couch, let alone turning on the TV.

It’s been fantastic!

I never thought I would say that. In fact, when I realized that Time Warner didn’t cover our new house, I argued against moving! Who lives without cable?

In this age of constant connectivity, hourly status updating and nonstop tweeting, it is easy to get caught up. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of instant gratification every now and then?

But there really is something about the ability to disconnect and spend time together as a family. We are taking time to enjoy the life we are creating together. It’s magical and somewhat unexpected.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have family movie nights and our phones are never far from reach. But spending a day outside working together putting in fence or cleaning out pens with no access to TV or computers is such a truly beautiful family bonding experience.

Looking for a great family getaway? Bring your pitchforks and mud boots to BA Farms this weekend, but leave your cell phone at home! 😉


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