I think a change would do you good

change_aheadOne of the most constant things in my life has been change.  I have become pretty adept at being flexible and going with the flow, because my life is full of change.

It’s not so bad. It keeps thing exciting!

Just like everything else in my life, this blog has changed. It started out being  more of a journal for me to keep track of all of the crazy things my kids say and do. I needed a place to log those stories for later in life; like when they start dating ;).

But over time, I have found a need to write about other topics – being a mom, farming, PR, living gluten free and more. My life has grown, the kids are getting older and I needed this outlet to expand.

So look for changes here in the upcoming weeks (READ: before school starts and all hell breaks loose trying to keep  up with homeschooling three kids and teaching a bunch of college kids!) I hope to add a section for recipes, more farm stuff and maybe more PR/marketing, too.

I am also happy to announce that the Victoria Theatre Association has asked me to blog for them on upcoming shows for their PNC Family Series, as well as a few others. And they have asked Makenna to give these shows a kid’s point of view. Love it!! You will find all of those posts here starting soon.

If there is something you think I should write about – parenting issues, makeup gone awry, that time I got caught sneaking out my bedroom window to meet a boy (and all the times I didn’t ;0 ), shout it out!




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