A little extra protein in my diet

long drivewayOur driveway is just about a 1/4 mile long. So on those rare week nights when all of the various farm equipment is being put to better use, I have to drag trash cans a quarter of a mile one way.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good work out. Over a mile of walking when it’s all said and done. And on beautiful nights like we’ve been having, it’s very pleasant.

Except for when I forget to keep my mouth shut.

Three bugs of some sort made an unscheduled pit stop in my mouth last night. There was no spitting them out. They just had to be swallowed. And it’s not the first time.

It happens all the time. We are, after all, surrounded by farm land with tons of bugs. The real question is why is it so hard to remember to breath through my nose? And when did this become such an issue for me? Have I always been such a mouth breather?

My husband will gladly regale you with stories about my snoring habits. I hate to imagine the number of spiders that have crawled in there while I have been trying to get more air. But I have never noticed this being an issue while I am awake.

I walk around the farm all day internally reminding myself to close my mouth.

Maybe it’s the joys of farm living that have brought on this new behavior?!


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