Summer Bucket List Update

homeschoolSince we only have a week of summer left, I thought I’d better see what we need to get done next week.

YIKES!!! Bowling, fossil hunting, adventure golf, camping, board games and crafting to name a few. It’s going to be a crazy one, for sure!!

1. Make bleach design t-shirts.

2. Visit the 3 Sisters at Sugarcreek Reserve.

3. Eat at Stonehouse Tavern.

4. Go to Harry Potter Camp.

5. Go to Scooby Doo Camp.

6. Go to the beach at Caesars Creek.

7. Go to Red Hotz Camp.

8. Search for fossils at Caesar Creek spillway.

9. Take a vacation in Houston, TX!!

10. Eat at Sammy’s.

11. Make a volcano.

12. Make homemade ice cream in a bag. 

13. Make a bike obstacle course using chalk and other “obstacles”. 

14. Campout in the backyard (once we get rid of all the ticks!).

15. Become a Pen-Pal with a Soldier or send soldiers a care package. 

16. Go to the Boonshoft, A LOT.

17. Go to the zoo, A LOT.

18. Visit the Children’s Discovery Garden.

19. Make marble paintings.

20. Have an inside picnic in a lighted fort!

21. Have a board game marathon.

22. Have a movie marathon.

23. Make summer vacation memory jars.

24. Make a TV show.

25. Finish the library reading program.

26. Make a butterfly feeder. 

27. Write a summer journal. 

28.  Come up with a family summer exercise program and do it! 

29. Make your own outdoor obstacle course. 

30. Go bowling!

31. Two words…SPLASH PADS!!!

32. Go to a Farmer’s Market. Let the kids pick out some fresh fruits and vegetables and go home and make something with them (or just eat them as is!).

33. Hang out in the Tree Tower. 

34. Check out Celtic Festival at Riverscape.

35. Make Crayon Canvases for our rooms.

36. Rearrange our bedrooms.

37. Create a classroom for homeschool.

38. Play in the rain.

39. Make art books. 

40. Host a couple family cookouts.

41. Play miniature golf.

42. Go to the Air Force Museum.

43. Read a chapter book together.

44. Get an awesome family pic.


46. Raise goats, chickens, pigs, cows and garden.

47. Go to the drive in.

48. Go to the movies!

49. Have bonfire and eat smores.

50. Explore, have fun, laugh, play, ENJOY!!


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