You know what they say: A family that installs electric fence together…

…is probably getting cattle!

our angus

Say hello to the newest additions to Bakers Acres. They are all Angus – two heifers and three steer.

We spent all day Saturday (including two trips to Rural King)  finishing what David had spent hours on already – installing an electric fence around our back pasture in preparation for their arrival. Installing an electric fence is a great way to bond as a family on the weekend.(And if you believe that…)


My very hard working husband certainly earned his keep this weekend.

We actually did have some fun. Working together is nice for David and I and watching the kids take on chores they can succeed at is fulfilling. Dylan became an accomplished chicken catcher by the end of weekend. (Those chickens loved their  easily escapable temporary enclosure.)


This is Mak just after asking for her 23rd water break and right before wondering out loud for the 17th time if we would get to watch a movie that night. 😉

Makenna did a great job attaching the lines to the posts and keeping everyone hydrated.


Job supervisors – Belles the goat and Milo the cat.

Poor little Milo and his sister, Milkshake, got a real shock when they tried to get under the fence once it was active. I never knew cats could fly!

Jack drillin

Like father; like son, Jack loves him some power tools.

It was a moment of pure joy watching those cattle come out of the trailer and onto our land. FINALLY!!

Here’s hoping that we don’t end up needing a lasso for them anytime soon!


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