Work it girl

Today, I am taking my beautiful daughter to her first modeling gig with actual representation. Makenna has been signed with Heyman Talent in Columbus as a model and potential actress. How cool is that?!

Let me give you the background. Makenna doesn’t want to be a supermodel. She enjoys it and wants to use the experiences she has to teach her more about the fashion industry, because she loves designing clothes. But modeling isn’t her first passion.

Dance is her life.

She lives and breathes it. She dances in the living room, around the kitchen through the dining room, outside and inside, morning and night. Do you have any idea how many times I have said, “Please go arabesque somewhere else so I don’t get kicked in the face?” Well, let me tell you, it’s a lot!

I love that she has found something that she loves this much so early in life. And I appreciate her teachers comments that she just might have ‘something’ and now is the time to explore it. I want to encourage it.

Unfortunately, her passion is an expensive one; like to the tune of a decent car payment every month with some relatively pricey shoes to go with it. Yikes!

So when she was selected to model in the Dayton Fashion Week children’s show last year, I wondered.


And then when she was selected this year for the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator show, I thought maybe.


And when my lovely modeling friend Barbie selected her for this Macy’s TV segment today, I knew.

It was time to find her an agent. Because maybe, just maybe, modeling could fuel a few passions for her.

And maybe, just maybe, modeling could teach her responsibility, an understanding of what things cost, an appreciation for what a little hard work could do for her and that feeding a passion comes with a price. I know from experience that modeling can also teach her confidence, an awareness of her body and how to use it and maintain it, and a lot about the fashion industry.

In the end, she will learn that pursuing a dream is always worth it. And she will most definitely have some fun along the way!


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