I was a Bubblegum Princess

ImageWhat kid doesn’t love bubblegum?

Remember when you could chew through a pack of original Bubble Yum in a day? Sometimes two of those honkin’ huge pieces at a time? Or that over-the-top watermelon flavor from Bubblelicious?

I even loved going to my brother’s baseball games (sorry guys, but BORING!) just to get a pack of Big League Chew.

I loved bubblegum and bubble blowing so much that I remember writing a speech on how to blow a bubble for my 8th grade English class. I seem to remember my teacher not enjoying her class full of kids chomping away for the rest of the lesson. But I did get an ‘A’ on the speech!

Bubble blowing is a right of passage and an addictive habit, which is why i enjoyed the new kids book “Bubblegum Princess” written by Julie Gribble and illustrated by Lori Hanson.

In the book, Katy can’t stop blowing bubbles and her sugar-filled habit gets her into a very sticky situation when she and her family go to meet the queen. Katy ends up meeting the handsome Prince William and they enjoy a bubblegum friendship that leads to an academy for bubble blowing.

The story is a cute  way to depict the royal relationship as much more fun and lighthearted than the royals have been seen in the past. And the illustrations are bright and whimsical; one might even say bubbly. 😉

While a kids picture book, there are some big words in the story that gave even my 10 year old pause. But she loved the book overall and promptly filled her mouth with Double Bubble as soon as she finished reading.

Now for the fun! Tell me your favorite bubblegum flavor or best bubble blowing story in the comments. I will randomly pick a winner and send them a copy of this fun, bubbly book to read with their kids!

Thanks to Mom-Spot.com and author Julie Gribble for a chance to review her new book “Bubblegum Princess” and for a copy of the book to give away. All opinions are my own.


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