How I Survived the First Day of Homeschool

school 2 (Small)So the kids are taking their first recess on this our first day of Homeschool 2013. This is a big year as we decided to keep the twins home, as well.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. The boys aren’t exactly good at sitting still or being quiet! Which makes it hard for their sister to focus. I am thankful that she had been through the experience last year and knows how to work through the online lessons!

Here are a couple of things that are keeping me sane today:

school 4 (Small)

22 of the 26 boxes from K12/OHVA included all of these books and science, math and art supplies, plus a few musical instruments!

1. ORGANIZATION! We took over a bedroom in the house and made it our school room. A few weeks ago, I started organizing the 26 boxes of books, supplies and computers we received from K12-Ohio Virtual Academy. It was quite a chore, but the results have already proven helpful. Everyone knows which shelf is theirs and can find materials easily.

2. HEADPHONES – Many of the lessons that Makenna is taking include videos and material that is read aloud. Headphones allow her to focus on her lessons while I work with the boys.

3. SPOTIFY – Seriously, I am piping in a little classical music. My kids are hummers, whistlers and outright song makers. They are ALWAYS making noise. Especially when reading or drawing. So, the piped-in music is helping distract them from those habits that would overwhelm us all by the end of the day.

4. COFFEE – That one is for me. Speaking of which, I need to go warm up my cup before the end of recess.

5. PRAYER – Mostly for patience. I sent many a heavenward glance today while counting to 10. It distracted me and usually provided enough time that the kids stopped doing whatever it was that was driving me crazy.

6. FUN – We allowed time for recess. We added our own touches to the room. We shared lessons when appropriate. We created a reading corner. We sent the boys into the hall to do jumping jacks when they kept wiggling out of their chairs (Thanks to my friend, Kristin, for that little gem!!)

School 5 (Small) (2)

Fun with globes and other maps on the walls.

school3 (Small)

Our reading area was a big hit today. (And there’s our crayon melt done as a part of our Summer Bucket List.

What makes this all worth it is the time together, the joy of seeing them learn new things right in front of me and, of course, the lack of homework every night!!

What tricks work for your little students? Do you have any tips for getting a kid through an hour of homework?


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