What the heck is twerking anyway?

miley_cyrus_paint_by_amcsculpt-d6es6i9I’ll admit it. I had to look it up. Now that I have, I am not so sure what the big deal is about Miley Cyrus doing it.

That is her name, right? Miley Cyrus, not Hannah Montana. She, like every other performer and actor out there, is not the character she plays on camera or onstage.

For many years, there was Hannah Montana stuff all over my house. My daughter was obsessed like so many others. She loved the show, dolls, clothes and music associated with the show. We watched episodes over and over and still watch the movie every once in a while.

When the show ended and Miley’s first album was released, I listened to it before I let Makenna hear it and decided it was ok. But she wasn’t impressed and moved on to Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

I understand that at one time girls wanted to be her and followed her every move, but isn’t our job as parents to provide better role models for our kids? When did it become okay to rely on celebrities and entertainers to fill that role? Whatever happened to teaching our girls about great women like Mother Theresa or Joan of Arc or even some of our first ladies?

My lesson to Makenna has always been that celebrities are not the characters they play. And they are not the people I want her to imitate.

If Miley wants to play this new character (or even if it’s truly who she is these days) it has no bearing on my daughter because she has other role models to follow. Her current favorites? Anne Frank and J. K. Rowling.


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