Taking a Flying Leap

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that you should one thing everyday that scares you. But she never said that you had to enjoy it or do it again.

There have been many days since moving to the farm I have taken this advice – both willingly and not so much. Raising livestock and growing produce still scares me everyday!

But there was one time…one day…one thing that I did in my life that scared me more than anything. And really should count for several days worth of scary effort considering how many days it took off my life!!

I try to never say never, but I am telling you, I will NEVER do it again!

About 10 years ago, I landed a sweet assignment working for a huge celebration here in Dayton. The city was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight. It was a celebration like none ever held here and brought international attention to our part of the world.

As the PR council, I handled media requests from all kinds of outlets. C-SPAN, CNN, Today Show, History Channel, etc., etc. It was a fantastic experience.

At some point, I got a request from an extremely popular, local reporter asking me to do a morning show. I readily agreed. He worked up a scenario with a fake family in which I led them through the main areas of the celebration, including a family fun area.

All throughout the two hours of morning segments, the reporter promised that his ‘son’ (actually his intern) would do a jump from the 3-story bungee jump in the family area. But when the poor intern saw the jump, he caved. No way was he going to it.

The reporter panicked. What was he going to tell the viewers? The network was getting tons of calls. They couldn’t wait to see the jump.

In walks the PR person who will do anything to make sure the reporter gets a positive story. (That would be me.)

And, so, I did it. I jumped three stories with a small, stretchy cable attached to an even smaller harness. Technically, I didn’t jump. At the last second, I asked the operator to push me. Seriously, what sane person jumps of their own accord?!

Obviously, I survived. I was never so happy as when that cable caught and jerked my body to safety.

It was an amazing experience. No doubt. But not one that I would ever want to repeat. I am now satisfied looking for scary things that keep both of my feet on the ground.

Thanks to Daily Prompt for the inspiration: Never Again.


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