No shoes, No shirt, No problem.

boys fbSo, homeschooling three kids is different. I am thankful for small things, like:

1. Jack and Dylan share the same curriculum since they are in the same grade. One less thing to juggle.

2. Makenna has been through the process before and is capable of handling a lot of her work on her own. Whew.

3. Coffee. I am thankful for coffee and how it makes the Advil go down so much easier.

4. Moments of laughter that we wouldn’t be sharing if the kids were at school and I was at work.

Like yesterday, when half way through the day, Dylan decided to go shirtless. The room we are using is toasty to say the least. And since I teach at a local college in the morning, we don’t get in there until the sun is pounding through the window. And this week it’s been over 90 degrees every day. Ugh.

So, he decided he was too warm to concentrate and took off his shirt. No big deal.

Until a few minutes later when I realize that Jack is sitting in his chair working away on his Math without pants. When I asked him what happened to them, he said, “Meh. Just don’t want to wear them. I don’t really like pants.” Then he added with a smile, “And I can pee faster this way.”

News to me, but glad he waited until homeschool to figure that out. Would have been hard to explain to his public school teacher.

Ah, the joys (and freedom) of homeschooling.


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