I’m gonna wash that grey right outta my hair

I have officially decided to let my hair be what it is – probably at least 75% grey. I am tired of coloring. I have been doing it for 25 years!

I found a patch of grey hair before my senior pictures were taken in HIGH SCHOOL!! I wasn’t really surprised. I had heard the stories of a great-grandpa being white headed by his early 20s and of my mom’s early greys also in high school.

Expected or not, it was devastating! Seriously, who has grey hair at 17?! So I started coloring.

At first I experimented with products like Sun-In. Remember that stuff? You sprayed it on and within an hour, you were supposed to have “a day at the beach’ highlights. I guess I am glad that I never spent much time on a beach, because my hair just turned orange!

long gray waves

Long grey waves, a true silver fox.

From there, I have tried it all. Brown, black, red, blonde, highlighted, ombre, even some very off colors that have come from some really bad experiments. For the most part, I have done most of the coloring at home locked in a bathroom with a kit from the grocery. And with exception of a few errors that drove me to a salon for fixing (Never try and strip color at home. Bad things can happen. Very bad things!) I have done pretty well. And saved a lot of money!

But as I mentioned in a post this summer, the new water at our house is causing me all kinds of trouble. The color washes out quickly, fades and dulls, and even gets funky tints. It’s been a nightmare. One that I am tired of living.

funky grey

Funky and still young and edgy. LOVE!

So, over the next few months, I will grow out the gray. From my research, it seems to be the safest, albeit most obvious, way. I added some really blond highlights this weekend to help blend the existing color with new growth and hope the process will be relatively painless.

I was encouraged by this recent article in Redbook about gray being one of the hair colors of  fall 2013! There are even salons across the country offering grey highlights (None in Dayton that I could find, though ;( )

cool white

If I could have guaranteed my hair would grow out like this, I would’ve never started coloring it. Beautiful!

When I was at Sally’s over the weekend looking for kits to do grey highlights, the sales clerk, who was sporting a full head of grey hair mind you, couldn’t believe that I would want to grow it out. And honestly, that has been the reaction of many people.

pink grey

Hmmmm…maybe a shorter cut would make the process faster?

But here’s the thing, grey hair is just that – grey hair. It doesn’t define your age or how young you feel. It’s just hair. I am not going to change my personality, outlook on life or the kind of music I listen to just because my hair is a new color. I might adapt the colors in my wardrobe and makeup to tie in with the color. But that’s probably about it.

And I will be spending less money and time worrying about my roots and pouring really nasty chemicals on my head and into the water supply.

Done and done!


2 thoughts on “I’m gonna wash that grey right outta my hair

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I’ve thought about doing it myself! My mom and dad both went right to silver – no stopping at an ugly dark gray – and my grays (when I let them grow in a bit for a peek) are a pretty silver, too. I think having silver hair would be gorgeous! But I’m too afraid to do it. I will watch you, live vicariously and maybe take the plunge too one of these days!

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