Confessions of a dance mom

This is from a couple recitals ago, but it's one of my favorites.

This is from a couple recitals ago, but it’s one of my favorites.

Okay, I’m not like those dance moms. You know. The ones you see on TV obsessing over their daughters ‘careers’ and hair and makeup and costumes and so on and so on.

I am grateful that we have the ability to help Makenna follow a passion. And believe me, she is passionate about dancing. She does it non-stop.

And while the cost of classes, costumes, tights and shoes is a killer (think small car payment every month), I know that she is pursuing a dream and that makes it a little easier to handle.

And don’t get me wrong, watching her grow and perfect her craft is amazing. She is long and lean and a beautiful dancer. And she is learning by leaps and bounds (pun intended) since we made the switch to her new dance school. Thank you Miss Julie, Miss Erin, Miss Liz, Miss Gigi and Miss Becky!

But now it’s confession time.

My favorite part of dance? The part that gets me out of the house four times a week? The part that makes the 30-minute drive back and forth worth it in the end? The part that encourages her to audition for Nutcracker even though I know the chaos of rehearsal schedules?

420 minutes of peace!

Every week, Makenna goes into her various classes and I have time! Time to chat with the other moms, which I love!! Time to enjoy a coffee with a friend. Love! Time to go to the grocery uninterrupted. Love! Time to knit Christmas gifts. Love! Even the occasional time to nap in the car, talk on the phone or work on a deadline project. LOVE!!!

And when I have to bring the boys with me, guess what? It’s not so bad. Because we get to just hang out. Waiting for Mak and playing games or coloring pictures with no pressure to get from point A to point B. LOVE!!

So if you ask what I am doing tonight and I smile as I tell you that I am taking Makenna to dance, you’ll know why. I LOVE DANCE CLASS!! 😉


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