What am I supposed to do with all these teeth?

212812-tooth-fairy-2As any good mom knows, being Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are just a couple of the perks of the job. Hiding colored eggs, baskets of candy, extra presents and secret cookie eating – who wouldn’t love all that!

But being the tooth fairy? I have yet to find the fun in that one. Especially in this house!

I only have three kids, so I can’t imagine the challenge for moms with more. However, having identical twins nearly guarantees that you are going to have loose teeth all over the place.

Within the last few weeks, the boys have lost five teeth; two just yesterday. And Makenna lost one, too!

Where in the world did this crazy notion come from?! According to Tooth Fairy legends, children used to get a fee for their first tooth. That’s it! One visit and we’re done. But not in America. We’ve decided that it should be every baby tooth until they are all gone!

I don’t know about you, but I never have cash when the tooth falls out. Now some would suggest that I should prepare ahead. When we notice a loose tooth, we should set aside some cash. But it just never seems to happen. And in the case of twin boys, sometimes the teeth surprise you because they do things like punch each other in the mouth in order to get cash so they can go to Dollar Tree (TRUE STORY!)

Not only do you have to have enough cash on hand, but you also have to remember to put the cash under their pillow and to take the tooth. This is how Makenna figured out there was no Tooth Fairy. I forgot and didn’t have cash. I left an IOU note from the Tooth Fairy, which I thought was pretty clever. Recognizing my hand writing, she came to me the next morning, tooth and note in hand, and demanded her cash. Nice try, mom.

And what do the parents get for all this last minute change searching and secretive pillow fluffing – a tooth. What do you do with that? I am pretty sure I put the first ones in some special envelope in their baby books because there was a special envelope in their baby books for one. But when you think about it – eeeeewww! Why? And why have I saved every one after? I don’t know whose is whose any more. I just have a bag in a drawer of my bathroom with a bunch of teeth!

But the real problem is that you can’t stop. They have you as long as they believe. Because as long as they believe in the Tooth Fairy, they believe in Santa and the Bunny. And those are fun! No parent wants to give those up.

So here I am. Up at 5:30 in a panic. Quietly crawling around the top bunk searching for teeth and giving away the cash. Again.


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