Three cheers for GF living – Hip Hip Hooray!

nogluten1Okay, we don’t always do a lot of cheering for living gluten free. In fact, you’ll probably hear more moaning for things like Krispy Kreme donuts, Marion’s Pizza and the occasional Pop Tart.

But overall, going gluten free has been an incredible experience for our family. After David and all three kids were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we knew the transition would be difficult.

I mean, have you looked at a kids menu lately? Mac and cheese, chicken tenders, pizza, grilled cheese sandwich etc, etc, etc. Nary a GF choice in the bunch (let alone a veggie), unless you order the hamburger sans bun – tasty. And the fries are off the plate, too. They get cooked with the offending tenders.

We are blessed to have some fantastic GF restaurant options in and around Dayton. We even have a family-owned restaurant in Waynesville that has an impressive GF menu, including a pretty fantastic pizza. But what has really been the best for us is cooking good food at home.

I try and make sure that we have a minimum of seven home-cooked, fresh meals every week. I menu plan. I clip coupons. I visit the farmer’s market. And I cook. A lot.

The food is so much better, and the kids have added to their palates. They love brussel sprouts, asparagus, avocado and spinach. They are getting pretty good about trying new things and don’t even mind the occasional vegetarian meal.

And we all feel better. No more random stomach aches, weird rashes and long books read sitting on the ‘throne’ waiting for something to happen. In fact at lunch today, there was a conversation about farting (typical in this house). But it was about the fact that no one does it nearly as much as before going gluten free. Yay for all of us!!

I can say that even though I don’t have Celiac Disease, I can feel a huge impact having gluten out of my diet. I feel better. And if I have an occasional Pop Tart, well, the outcome is never pleasant.

What does that say about our food and all those ready made and drive thru meals that we consumed before? I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, you need to know what’s in your food.

Here’s a challenge for you. Go for one week without visiting a drive thru. For one week, read the labels on everything you eat. I guarantee that is all it will take for you to start to feel better and want to be more conscious of the food you and your family consume.

Then go visit a local farm and buy something that really is healthy to eat!

Happy National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!


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