Here I sit…

dance-love-sing-liveSo for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME,  I have a whole afternoon to myself. The hubs has taken the kids to a farm equipment show. My class is over. I have no client work to do. I am free. FREE!!

So what am I doing? Reading online and people watching at Panera. Seriously. What has happened to me??

I think I have forgotten how to be just me. I am so used to being wife, mom, PR professional, writer, editor, teacher and volunteer, that I have forgotten what to do with just myself.

I could have seen a movie. I could have eaten at a restaurant that I love and the kids hate. I could have read my way through the sci-fi aisle at Barnes & Noble. I could  have shopped, uninterrupted, for beautiful yarn.

Instead, here I sit.

But maybe that’s not so bad. I have enjoyed a fantastic bowl of squash soup (kids and hubs would have hated it). I have added some sci-fi books to read to my Goodreads shelf. I have cleaned out my inbox (WOOHOO!) and I have enjoyed some fantastic people watching.

All in all, not bad.

But  maybe while there’s still time, I’ll hit up the local yarn shop! There’s always time for uninterrupted yarn shopping.


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