Dayton is still the place to be

DaytonViewOver Labor Day, we received copies of our regional paper. (We don’t subscribe to the paper for various reasons that I will leave to another post another day.) The paper delivers to non-subscribers on some holiday weekends hoping to drum up new customers. Understandable.

We live in the south part of the region about midway between Dayton and Cincy. So the version of the paper we received was targeted to our area. Again, understandable.

But then I opened the Life Section. I was shocked and more than a little angry that all of the content for the Life Section of the DAYTON paper highlighted events and happenings in CINCINNATI!

What?! Even if I live in the southern most part of your coverage area, shouldn’t you be directing me to the upcoming events and things to do in DAYTON?! I mean, Dayton is in the name of your paper. Are you telling me that it’s not worth my drive north? There isn’t anything happening in Dayton worth promoting?

As editor of another Dayton-based publication, I can tell you that is simply not true. There are arts, entertainment, sports, nature and family-related events happening all over our great city. There are amazing museums, phenomenal theatres and incredible restaurants. We have hundreds of festivals, tons of kid-friendly shows and an amazing parks system full of programming.

I hear people discount our city all the time as having nothing to do and no wonder. If the local paper can’t even find what’s great about Dayton, how could their readers?

Many years ago, I was part of the team working to promote Dayton as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.  We used the slogan, “Dayton is the place to be in 2003.” And it still holds true today. Dayton is still the place to be, and I am proud to tell people this is my hometown.


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