How our stuff became crap

Homeowners-insurance-and-floodsIt started like any other Sunday. Feed the outside animals. Feed the inside animals. Start some laundry. Clean the house. But then the fun was gonna start.

I was supposed to spend the rest of the first day of fall putting up Halloween decorations in preparation for the kids’ annual Halloween Birthday Bash. Yes, we start early. But we LOVE Halloween as evidenced by our 20+ boxes of Halloween decorations.

So, I head to the basement to start dragging up the various pumpkins, bats, witches, skeletons, ghosts and goblins when I find myself standing in about a 12″ of water. Hmmmm…that’s not supposed to be there.

Everything that we have stored in my basement is floating around like we threw it all in a pond. Papers mingling with furniture. TVs and Christmas ornaments banging into each other. Lamps floating around with boxes of baby clothes. O.M.G.!

And this is how our ‘stuff that we had to save’ became the ‘crap that we need to throw out’.

More to come…

P.S. Gee thanks, State Farm Agent, for not telling us that protection from ‘outside water’ was an additional addendum to our homeowners policy and therefore we are not covered. Ugh. 


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