How our stuff became crap: Part 2

So ever since the ‘flood’, I have been avoiding our basement. I spent most of Sunday crying over what was lost. Monday was dry out day with the roar of fans finding its way up the stairs and through the house.

But today, I finally had to face it. I had to see what was ruined for myself. And then I cried some more.



While I haven’t started sorting and removing yet, I know I will have to soon. And while I also know that this is just stuff and in the end you can’t take it with you, it’s our stuff. Collected over 25 years of a life built together.

It’s irreplaceable stuff like baby hats from the hospital and art I created in college and handmade ornaments and so much more.

Typically, I’m not very sentimental, and we have moved a lot. Which means I tend to part with a lot of the junk and only hold on to the most important.

That’s why this is hard. That’s why this sucks. That’s why I am in no hurry to go back down there today.


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