VTA Series: Head over heels for Over the Rhine

This post is the first in a series I will do about upcoming Victoria Theatre Association shows in their 2013-2014 season.

Over the Rhine's 15th album "Meet Me at the Edge of the World" was inspired by life on the farm.

Over the Rhine’s 15th album “Meet Me at the Edge of the World” was inspired by life on the farm.

I’ll admit it. I had never heard a song by the band Over the Rhine before I started this post. I certainly couldn’t count myself among their fan base. But all it took was one listen.

Over the Rhine is an Ohio-based band made up of the husband-and-wife team of Karin Bergquist (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano) and Linford Detweiler (keyboards, electric bass, vocals). Over a 20 year career, they have toured and recorded in many variations. They have shared the stage with Bob Dylan, Adrian Belew, Squeeze, Ani DiFranco, and toured as “adjunct” members of Cowboy Junkies.

But is was their unique partnership along with their incredibly beautiful music that made me an instant fan.

Their 15th album, released in early September, is called Meet Me at the Edge of the World.  The two-disc set was produced by Grammy award-winner Joe Henry. The songs were recorded in two sessions at The Garfield House in South Pasadena.

Both born in Ohio, the two believe they have roots here. And the incredible beauty they witness out the windows of their pre-Civil War farm house inspired several of the pieces on the new album.

According to the band, most of the takes on Meet Me at the Edge of the World are first takes and live off the floor; leaving some wild edges the band loves.

Maybe it’s the combination of softness and raw edges or the way that I get inspired on our farm, but I really connected with this album. My favorite songs include “I’d Want You” and “Blue Jean Sky”.

Bengquist and XXX have a unique relationship and truly make beautiful music together.“I’d Want You” shares the couple’s story of the struggle between working on their career as musicians and their relationship as husband and wife. It’s a haunting and beautiful piece that any couple could relate, too.

With lines like Under the blue jean sky, give me a swig of a little kick ass beauty, “Blue Jean Sky” reminds me of that feeling I get when looking over a pasture at sunset.

For me, their music captures the tranquility of modern farm living in Ohio. Ethereal, yet grounded. Peaceful, yet stirring. Truly beautiful.

And I’m sure it’s even more magical live. Which is why I’m giving away two tickets, courtesy of my friends at the Victoria Theatre Association! This is music you need to experience to truly appreciate. And what better place to experience it than at the Victoria Theatre?

Leave a comment about why you love Over the Rhine or your favorite song by the band below and I will randomly select a winner of the tickets. A second winner will receive a copy of the band’s new album Meet Me at the Edge of the World.


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