Pull my tooth

hate_math-177576So getting my boys to do math is just plain not fun. They really don’t like it. What kid does?

But the other day, I was nagging them again about getting through the lesson. I made the comment that it wasn’t like I was pulling their teeth out.

Jack responded, “I wish you were. At least then I would get $5!” (It’s all about the Tooth Fairy around here right now!)

At which point Dylan chimed in that maybe I should start paying them to do Math. Then they would really want to do it every day.

A part of me (the homeschool mom part that is tired of yelling at them to do their Math) seriously considered this option. But what would that really teach them? Life is filled with tasks that we don’t want to do but have to – for me the list starts with laundry and ends with cleaning the litter box!

At the same time, there has to be a better way to get them through the day without whining and yelling (done equally by them and me!)

Thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated!


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