Astronauts and diapers

dylan yummi

Here he is enjoying some homemade applesauce in his Yummi Pouch after sharing with me his career ruminations.

Over the weekend, Dylan woke up early and found me curled in a chair reading. He climbed in my lap with his red blanket, and we had the most incredible conversation about astronauts and diapers. It went something like this.

D: Mom, I just can’t figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

M: Well, you still have a lot of time to decide.

D: Well, it won’t be a fireman. They get burned.

M: Good point.

D: And not a policeman, either. They get shot at!

M: True.

D: I thought about a scientist, but Makenna says that takes a lot of school. Bleh!

M: That’s also true.

D: And there’s no way I would be an astronaut.

M: Too much school, too?

D: No! When they are in space, they have to poop in their pants and wear a diaper. That’s just GROSS!

M: You are very right.

D: Mom, why are they called diapers? It’s a funny word. It doesn’t make any sense.

M: What would you call them?

D: Poo-Pee Catchers. Get it? Cause they catch poop and pee!!



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