To all the football moms

boys footballWhen we started this very first ever football season with the boys, I thought maybe I would come to understand what all the fuss was about. I have friends who live to see their kids in sports. Their weekends are spent driving from one complex or arena or gym to another dropping off kids here and there and spending unbelievable amounts of money on gear, gas and the occasional stadium hot dog.

At the first practice, I was amazed at the number of parents who stood right on the sideline and followed every move of their little tight ends. They came prepared with chairs, cushions, blankets and official team wear. I sat in my car listening to a book on CD, knitting and drinking Starbucks. Not exactly the typical football mom.

But game after game, Saturday morning drive after Saturday morning drive, stop after stop to pick up new mouthpieces, I started to understand how this could become addictive. I didn’t care whether they won the game (in fact they haven’t yet!) I just wanted to see them play. I wanted to hear their excited stories about this play and that one; about who they tackled and how hard they hit. I loved seeing them practice together in the front yard and ask dad for help learning to throw and kick.

I became a football mom.

So now as we approach the end of the season, I am sad to see it go and already talking to my ‘boys of fall’ about playing next year. I have learned to carry a couple of chairs and a blanket in the back of my car, and I keep cash on hand for entry fees and to support my daughter’s nacho habit. While you will still find me on the sidelines with knitting and Starbucks in hand, you will also see me in my bright orange scarf supporting my little Spartans.

Here’s to a great season, fantastic coaches and becoming a hard core fan. See you next year!


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