VTA Series: Laughter really is the best medicine

goofy boysLast week I came down with a cold. A seriously strong coughing, achy, fever, stuffy head, can’t get any rest cold.

When it hit, it hit hard. And being the homeschool teacher that I am, I couldn’t call in and get a sub. But I could log in to Netflix and stream a few really good documentaries to cover science and history. Combine those with reading, handwriting and art projects and a curriculum is born!

While it was not the best week, my kids tried hard to get their work done and give me an opportunity to rest.  They also made me tea and tried to keep me entertained.

Like when the boys came running in the room proclaiming to have the remedy for what ailed me. The next thing I knew, they whipped around, pulled down their pants and mooned me! I laughed and laughed. And did feel a bit better.

I have always believed that age old adage that laughter really is the best medicine. Thanks to my boys for reminding me.

In the interest of sharing this powerful remedy with you, I have two tickets for Friday night’s performance featuring comedian Tom Cotter. Tom was the runner up in the seventh season of America’s Got Talent. Cotter’s high energy, rapid-fire style of comedy leaves audiences clutching their sides and rolling in the aisles. Since moving to New York City, Tom filmed his very own Comedy Central special, “Comedy Central Presents… Tom Cotter”, and was featured in the Miramax film, “Next Stop Wonderland”. You can get a glimpse of him here…

Tell me what makes you feel better when you are sick? A cup of hot tea? A nice long nap? Your favorite movie on repeat? A random mooning by your kid?

Make a comment, and I will randomly choose a name by the end of the day Tuesday. The winner will get two tickets for the show!


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