Farm Philosophy – Conversations with the animals



Ask any farmer with livestock and they will tell you that talking to the animals is a good thing. It calms the animals and sometimes the farmer.

I am a talker by nature. In fact, my uncle used to say that I could talk 90 miles a minute. I remember when I told my family that I was switching my major from music to communications their collective response was, “It’s about time.” (Can you believe that I thought I wanted to sing opera onstage or play bassoon in the pit at one time?!)

The concept of talking to our animals around the farm came naturally to me. Every day you will find me chatting it up with our big male pig who is about to leave the farm for good. I talk through everything I am doing with the cows to help ensure I don’t get trampled when I come into their pasture.

I thank my hens for their eggs and consistently have it out with our rooster. And the goats actually seem to enjoy my singing. Every morning, I bleat along with them whatever is stuck in my head. (Yesterday it was Katy Perry and this morning Kenny Chesney.) And some mornings it’s opera. Sometimes it sounds as if they are trying to sing along!

This is what makes the food you get from local farmers so much better. No, I don’t name the animals we will eventually send to slaughter. Yes, I do intend to make them into healthier food for my family. But just like the commercial says, “Happy cows (hens, goats, pigs) make happy cheese (eggs, steak and bacon)”.

My animals are treated well, consume tons of grass and healthy feed and have a really good life as they grow on our farm. And if they gain an appreciation for music in the process, all the better!


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