VTA Series: Behind the Scenes with Makenna – War Horse

IMG_6929Makenna is at it again. This time she spoke to one of the actresses of the amazing “War Horse”. We are so excited to see this show. Here is what she found out.

“War Horse” is a wonderful, action-packed book about a horse named Joey. Joey was a a farm horse, but when WWI started, he was shipped off to fight in the war.

When I read the book, my favorite part was when Joey was reunited with his owner, Albert, at the horse vet. I loved the suspension in the air. The relief and joy in that particular part of the story made me want to jump into the air.

For this post, the folks at the Victoria asked me to interview Maria Ramirez who plays the mom of Albert in the Broadway musical “War Horse”. The show starts at the Schuster Center on Tuesday. I couldn’t wait to find out her favorite part and learn about her life as an actress.

According to Maria, she likes that the story is told from the horse’s perspective. I agree with that, also. Giving personification to a horse must be very difficult.

Having not seen the show yet, I wondered how similar it is to the book. Maria says some of the show is different, yet they definitely show the bonding between Albert and Joey.

“Not only is the story touching – as we all know – but the stage craft is amazing,” she adds. “And the musical features a life size horse puppet!”

That is awesome! I am sure I will be entertained.

If I were in a play, I would want to know all about the role and character I was playing.

“I play Albert’s mother, Rose Naracott,” Maria told me. “I really like Rose because she is a strong woman, who stands up to her problems and challenges.”

It must be hard to learn how to act, especially learning how to do it well. “I really started acting when I took drama class in high school,” she says. “From there it simply fell into place.”

I have had embarrassing moments onstage while dancing. I wondered if Maria had some, too.

“My most embarrassing moments are when I forget my lines.” (BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!!!)

But my most important question for Maria was whether the inside of the horse puppet smelled as bad as I imagined. (I was particularly thinking of my brothers’ bathroom!)

And to my surprise, she said no! She said it smells quite good actually!

I wonder how many bottles of Febreeze that took?!

I can’t wait to check out the show on Tuesday at the Schuster. Here’s more info on how to get tickets.

Victoria Theatre Association announces the first presentation of the 2013-2014 Premier Heath Broadway Series with The National Theatre of Great Britain’s epic WAR HORSE, winner of five 2011 Tony® Awards including Best Play, will make its premiere in Dayton beginning Monday, Oct. 22 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 27.  Tickets will are on sale now and are available at Ticket Center Stage located in the Wintergarden of the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center or by calling 937-228-3630 or 888-228-3630 or online at www.ticketcenterstage.com.


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