Get on the crazy train

Hfo65P034NKDuyyIt’s that time of year. In the first two weeks of November there are five birthdays in our family. From there we head straight into Thanksgiving, two more birthdays, Christmas, New Years and we round it off with another three birthdays in February.

Needless to say, the stress has begun.

You will find me knitting or crafting in every available moment, including but not limited to, the dance studio lobby, the car (when David is driving), while watching a movie with the kids, during meetings and conference calls and even, and I’m not proud of this, in the bathroom on occasion.

I’ve got a lot to do.

But what’s really killing me is Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me some Pinterest. I am not a random pinner. I revisit my pages regularly and click through to the links to verify their viability. I try to make, use, and at least read everything I post. And I have found some amazingly useful things!

But enough is enough. I have to stop finding new projects to do and great recipes to make. I cannot spend anymore time making myself crazy.

Well, maybe just five more minutes, but only on the DIY page and maybe the Halloween one…


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