A PR shout out

public-relationsPR professionals spend most of their time behind the scenes.

They write the quotes and articles that get attributed to someone else.

They fight to get 30 seconds of coverage that can make a huge impact on a campaign.

They research, plan, implement, adapt and get results that are beyond impressive, but get passed over for the cool commercial that the marketing department outsourced.

They are the ones you go to at an event or a crisis for a Bandaid, a sewing kit, duct tape, a Sharpie or a bottle of water because you know they have it covered.

But here’s the kicker. The good PR pros don’t mind. They know that that is their job. To be behind the scenes making things happen, and making them happen seemingly effortlessly.

So I want to give a shout out to some of my PR friends who have done some amazing work lately. Work that you might have heard of, but would never know they were involved. These folks are so good at their jobs it’s scary, and they certainly deserve a little credit!


Diane Schoeffler-Warren

As the PR manager for the Victoria Theatre Association, Diane has to generate excitement around every show that comes through Dayton throughout the season. She consistently has to find a way to get the media to pay attention. Let me tell you from experience – it ain’t easy! Yesterday’s media event for War Horse was brilliant and achieved incredible results. Well done, lady!

Sarah Hibner: As any of us in PR know, getting the attention of the local daily paper is getting tougher all the time. With shrinking staffs, fewer pages and larger coverage areas, getting a small, private school on the cover is a nice goal, but nearly impossible. That is just what Sarah did. Recognizing a good news story when she saw one, Sarah’s efforts have brought recognition to a school that had never really had it before. Congrats, Sarah! (I would link to the article, but DDN is giving me fits!)


Holly Michael

You really can’t get more behind the scenes then working B2B PR. You spend your time selling products and services to other companies through industry pubs and trade shows. You write about exciting topics like changes in industry regs and the best and safest ways to manage nuclear waste.  You become a wealth of knowledge on topics you never studied in college. And no one ever knows your name because you don’t qualify as an industry expert. So congrats to my friend Holly for setting B2B PR on its ear by creating an incredibly successful Painted Compressor social media campaign. Her Facebook contest got more than 135,000 votes around the world – for painted compressors! Win!


Betsy Woods

Creating engagement is what social media is all about. So when Betsy Woods joined the staff at the School of Advertising Art as the new social media manager, she knew what she had to do – get students talking. And boy has she! In one of her first campaigns on Instagram, she has had a 200 percent growth in just a little of a month. By targeting students in an area they love – showing off their work – she has them sharing and getting feedback from faculty. Fantastic!

There are so many more. To all of my PR friends I say congratulations. The work you do every day shapes the world around us. You make people think. You delight us with spectacular events. You keep your clients honest. You make sure we hear the stories that matter. And for these reasons and many more, I salute you!


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