Seriously, Mom?


Jack is on the left and Dylan is on the right…or is it Dylan on the left and Jack on the right?!

Every Sunday night, we try and curl up for family movie night. It’s a nice send-off to the weekend and a gentle way to usher in Mondays.

The whole family curls up in our bed and watches something. It used to be that we fit pretty well. The twins would usually lay one with their head at the bottom of the bed on his stomach; the other with his head on the pillows on his back. But damn if they don’t keep getting taller and this position isn’t working too well any more.

So it was no surprise to me that the boys were struggling for position during our last movie night. They were kicking each other and things started to escalate pretty quickly.

After about 10 minutes, I finally had enough and said to the boy laying next to me, “Jackson Baker! Stop kicking your brother! Move somewhere else if you need to get comfortable.”

He rises up on his elbows looks at me and replies, “Seriously, Mom?! After all these years, you would think that you would know that I AM DYLAN!!!”

Oops. Sorry son.


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