VTA Series: Under the influence of Straight No Chaser

I have always been thankful to Mr. Walsh, an amazing man and the fabulous choir director at Eaton High School. Mr. Walsh was a stickler for making his choirs work on sight reading music and a cappella singing. They were two skills that carried me through a few musical scholarships in college and ensured that I could find my part in any song within a few notes. A talent that I frequently use to impress my kids during our homeschool music lessons!

I was first turned on to Straight No Chaser thanks to a compilation Christmas CD I received probably five years ago. One song. That’s all it took to make a fan for life.

Maybe it was my humble beginnings singing in choirs, quartets and church groups that helped me relate to their smooth rhythm and incredible harmonies. Or maybe it’s the current obsession with a cappella music with shows like ‘Glee’ and ‘The Sing Off’ and movies like ‘Pitch Perfect’ that reminded me how much I love the vocal style. Either way, a cappella groups have made a resurgence, and I love it!

And you’d be hard pressed to find a better group than Straight No Chaser to help you with an obsession with a cappella music. From humble beginnings as a vocal group at Indiana University, the original members reunited in 2006 after this video made the viral video rounds on You Tube.

From there, the group has shifted and changed members, but has had phenomenal touring success with six albums, including the popular “Under the Influence” released this past May. “Under the Influence” features some fantastic new music and has Colbie Caillat, Paul McCartney, Otis Redding and CeeLo Green. Wow!

If you are ready to get in the holiday mood, a Straight No Chaser concert would be my choice for how to do it. While the show at The Victoria Theatre for this Friday’s show is sold out, a little birdie told me that there may be some tickets opening up later this week. Keep an eye on ticketcenterstage.com for those! In the meantime, enjoy this new single from “Under the Influence.” As we are in the midst of nightly Nutcracker rehearsals and prep, I know my husband can relate!



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