She’ll be driving in FIVE YEARS!!

Mak NateFive years, people! That’s it! Five more years and she’ll be on the road; even more independent than she is today, which is hard to imagine.

She’ll be headed to the yarn shop to stock up and to the drive thru for the smoothies she loves. Driving herself to and from all those dance classes and maybe dropping her brothers at practices. She’ll have a job to help pay for gas and insurance. She’ll go to the movies and to friends’ houses, and she’ll leave me in the dust.

But I have five more years.

Five more years to take her where she wants to go. To appreciate the time together in the car listening to the Harry Potter audio books for the hundredth time or singing along to Katy Perry with the windows down. To drive back and forth and back and forth to dance class and stop for the occasional smoothie.

Five more years. I know it will speed by.

Happy birthday, Makenna! We love you!



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