#GivingTuesday is here again

imagesCAUD1GMDThe mass consumerism that feeds our country and our notion of this holiday season is sometimes sickening. I am all for a meaningful present given with a kind heart, but watch a few Black Friday videos and you know that’s not what it’s all about!

Here’s what I would love to see this month. More giving back. More caring about others more than ourselves. More love and peace and happiness for all.

For me, giving back comes in many forms. Time, talent, and skills are the usual. One of the best and easiest ways I know of is to share the great work of organizations around the Dayton area. There are so many! One of my favorites is Dayton Children’s.

My family is lucky to have only needed the skilled doctors and nurses at Dayton Children’s on a few occasions. A couple of ear tube surgeries, some stitches and a case of pneumonia are the extent of our experiences. And those were less stressful thanks to the great Children’s staff.

To have a hospital completely focused on the needs of children in a city the size of Dayton is unheard of and should be a great relief to all of the parents in our region.

Last #GivingTuesday, Children’s released a spectacular video featuring kids and their cancer battles. It was a moving and brilliant look into the magical work that Children’s does.

This year, the hospital has coined the term #Unselfie and is asking its generous supporters to post a pic sharing why Children’s and the work they do is so important to them.

My kids and I are pooling our change to give to Dayton Children’s today. We appreciate the work they do, and we are glad to know that they are there if we ever need them.

Thanks, Children’s, for all you do!


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