Homeschool is edumacational

20131127_132825 (1)In the past month, Jack has really taken to reading. He picked up a chapter book a few weeks ago and zoomed through it. Now, we are working on getting him to retell the stories he reads in his own words and pictures.

He told me over fall break that he wanted to keep reading his current book, “Showdown in a Ghost Town” (which he is acting out here with his sister)¬†because the story was “So cool!” I was happy and proud. He has found a way to learn that he enjoys and gets him excited. Yay!

I guess J.K. Rowling was right when she said that if you don’t like reading, you just haven’t found the right book, yet.

Of course, I got all homeschool proud and had him tell everyone at dinner about the latest chapter in his book and what he liked about it. When David asked him if he liked reading more than games, Jack said, “No! But it is more edumacational, right Mom?”

Right, son. Crawling down off my homeschool soap box now.


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