Farm Philosophy: Mud is a four-letter word

muddy meYes, I know that mud is spelled M-U-D. But around the farm, mud is a four-letter word. In fact, sometimes it is accompanied by an additional four-letter word as in DAMN MUD!!

We have had an extremely wet year here in southwest Ohio. Combine the rain and humidity with the warm fall/winter temps and the fact that our farm sits on some pretty solid bedrock and we have mud. Tons of it! Everywhere!

It’s in the pastures, the pig pen, the chicken coop, the barns and, of course, our mud room. It’s all over the kids clothes, mine and David’s clothes, our boots, our equipment and nearly every available surface it can adhere to.

While I have tried to be amenable to the whole farm experience, this mud is driving me insane. I am washing an extra 2-3 loads of laundry every week. I have slipped and slid and cleaned floors and was nearly trampled by hungry pigs when my boot got stuck in mud during a feeding.


I am happy to say that our forecast for the next week predicts much colder temps. Usually, that would bring it’s own set of challenges, but if it means walking around on frozen dirt rather than sloshing through more mud I say bring it on!!

Muddy pigs

Muddy pigs

muddy chickens

Muddy chickens

no mud goat

No way I’m going in the mud goat

clean kittens

Somehow always clean kittens


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