The battle of the hair

Anyone who knows me knows that hair color is never a constant for me. I have been nearly every color in the rainbow including the occasional orange and once a really funky green. I am fluent in the language of Loreal, Garnet and Clairol. I love the flexibility and the way it changes how I see myself.

Sometimes a new color is just the motivator I need to try other new things in my life. It’s freeing. It reminds me that my confidence and true self lies within, and sometimes a change on the outside re-centers me.

So you can understand why it would be difficult for me to tell Makenna no when she decided it was time to experiment.

For weeks now, Makenna has been begging to cut her hair again. She cut over 10 inches for Locks of Love about three years ago. Since then, she has loved it short and growing it out has been painful because she keeps getting it cut!

Last year after joining a new and much more serious ballet studio, the battle of the hair really began. And by battle, I mean the struggle to get it into a true ‘ballet bun’ for every performance. We have tried every bun trick in the book, tons of different hair pieces and more product than I used in all four of my 1980’s proms!!

So when she came to me and wanted it short again, I hesitated. I know it’s her hair and appreciate her passion for the shorter styles, but I don’t want to fight with her knowing that there will be several performances in her future.

I put her off making a decision until after her most recent performances in the Nutcracker. We finally found a hairpiece that was working and most of hair is finally long enough for a pony tail. YAY!

But today she came to me begging for a cut. I asked for a compromise. The other hair change she has begged for is red color. Not just red highlights, but all over deep auburn hair. It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to color it. I didn’t want to go by yet another new hair piece!!

My compromise was that I would let her color her hair if she wouldn’t cut it. (This being a trick of mine for those in-between grow-out stages for years.) She agreed and here’s how it turned out.







It’s spectacular! Seeing that change in her – the one I’ve seen in the mirror before – was a truly amazing mom moment. She was so happy with the way it turned out. She walked around with a new air of confidence and swagger that just made me smile.

Ultimately, it’s her hair. If she wants to put green and blue stripes in it (or color it purple like Kelly Osborne, which she says is next!) then I will probably say yes. I want her to be comfortable with change and with being in her own skin. I want her to understand that while the way she looks is a part of her, her true beauty comes from within and will always be there no matter what color her hair is.


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