I never said that

muddy meEarlier today, I made the comment to our magazine’s associate editor that I had yet to hear back from the Puppet Group that I was to interview for our next issue. She replied that she betted I never thought I’d say something like that. I laughed and said that there were a lot of new things that have come out of my mouth this year I never thought I would say.

I thought you might enjoy a quick list:

– Is that mud or pig poop?
– The chicken just bit me. Google Salmonella.
– A cow licked my face.
– Just give the goat some Pepto Bismol.
– I need more long johns.
– Can pigs eat broccoli?
– The rooster is attacking the hens. No wait, that’s not what he’s doing!
– I thought castrated steer left the girl cows alone?! Google undescended testicles.
– Where is the cow?
– How much manure should we put in the garden?
– Where are the pigs?
– Anybody seen the red chickens?
– What should we name the goats?
– The goats need nacho chips.
– I need more work gloves.
– Is that a weed or are the pumpkins coming in?
– We need to go to Rural King/TSC.
– You found an egg where??


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