I need a NaNoWriYear


I didn’t write many blog posts in November as I was trying to stay engaged with another project.

I have officially started writing a book! Whether I will ever get further than I am right now, who knows. Will it ever actually get published? Meh. But I started, and that’s, well, a start.

Thanks to the National Novel Writing Month project, I got inspired and finally put pen to paper. Well, in my case, fingers to keys. I have enjoyed participating in the process and the motivation the organization provides helped quite a bit.

While I didn’t reach the project goal – 50,000 words – I am excited to day I have over 5,000 words. But I am wondering how will I  stay motivated? What will keep me focused on getting through at least another chapter?

I need a National Novel Writing Year!

I will gladly take any inspirational tips, advice, quotes, whatever you’ve got to keep me going. And if you happen to know of a writers’ group in the area, let me know. I am looking to join.

In the mean time, I will get back to at least recording the in and outs of life here. I will keep writing something!



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