I’m a Survivor

2014I know that now is the time of year to post all about my resolutions. What do I want to accomplish in this brand new year?

And normally, I do.

I usually have some idea of what I would like to change or do better or try new and writing them down here or in a journal gives me purpose and direction for the year.

But here’s the deal. I almost never accomplish them. Either my goals are too lofty or too ambitious or LIFE JUST GETS IN THE WAY! I’m not trying to find excuses, but it just always seems to be the way it goes. I am spending too much time trying to just get through the year’s crazy and unexpected challenges to stay focused on my resolutions.

So rather than go all anti-resolution and be bitter, I have decided to go a different way.

This year, I resolve to survive. Whatever life has to throw at me this year, I will, with every fiber of my being, do all that I can to be sure I survive it.

Garden that doesn’t grow – I’ll shop at the other farmer’s market. Cows that escape – I will lure them back and build a stronger fence (which I know how to do from surviving 2013!) Weather extremes – I will bundle up and drink lots of water. Random illnesses with undeterminable treatments – I will keep searching for a new doctor. More mud than grass in my yard – I will buy nets and host a volleyball tournament for charity!

So there, 2014!


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