I am going to write about…Squirrel!

writers blockSometimes, even those of us that love to write can’t. We just get stuck.

For me, I have an experience and think, “Oooh, I should write about this,” but then when I start it doesn’t seem as funny or important and I get stuck. One day of no writing turns into a week and suddenly, I have full on writer’s block.

It usually happens when I have multiple deadlines occuring at a time. While my life tends to be a collection of crazy projects all happening at once, I can usually make continued progress.

For example, I have no less than seven knitting projects on needles throughout my house right now. I will pick one up at random and do a few rows while watching a movie or waiting to pick up my daughter at the dance studio. But I almost never start and finish a piece in one setting.

It is the same with reading. Currently, I am reading four different books. I like them all and will finish them, but I read what I am in the mood for in the moment. I almost never read a book straight through from cover-to-cover. (My local library loves me because I have books checked out forever and end up paying lots of fines.)

However when it comes to writing, I get stuck when I am trying to write for multiple projects at the same time. Particularly when it comes to any creative (READ: non-work) projects. I have to sit down and write from start to finish, then edit that piece, then send it off for approval before I can start a fresh article or post.

So in the past few weeks, I have been struggling with a book that I’ve started, several articles for the next issue of the magazine (TheDaytonMagazine.com) and an essay for a writing contest. Trying to write for the blog just put me into a writing coma. I couldn’t make progress.

I am hoping to clear my brain, and my laptop, of a few projects this week. Maybe then I can get back into the habit of writing more frequently just because I really do love to do it.

What do you do for writer’s block?


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