Tom Thum

Tom Thum

Have I told you lately how much I love homeschooling? Well, I do!

My favorite part is being able to follow the prescribed curriculum when needed, but also having the flexibility to stray off course every once in a while.

We use the K12/Ohio Virtual Academy program. I love that the kids get a defined list of classes for the day and that there are sessions in those classes that they can now complete on their own; like when I am working at saa in the mornings.

Even better, I love that they have a homeroom teacher and several other teachers in their grade. These teachers do weekly online sessions (through Blackboard) that ensure the kids are making progress and interacting with an actual teacher. This way it’s not just me telling them that they have to do their Math!

One of my favorite options, though, is the ability to work away from the curriculum to provide education that I feel is appropriate for my kids. For example, the prescribed music curriculum leaves a lot to be desired. The kids hated it almost as much as Math! This really bummed me out. Music is a huge part of my life and David’s and having the kids uninspired to learn about it was so sad.

When I brought it up to their teacher during a conference, she was very supportive of us creating our own curriculum provided that we logged on the required number of hours. Hallelujah!!

Thanks to TED.com, we have created music lessons that they LOVE! Most recently, we have been learning about beat boxing with Tom Thum and Reggie Watts. Fantastic!

I love to get my kids excited about learning. If I could, I would give everyone an opportunity to homeschool. Seeing your child grasp a new concept or having them ask to do an extra music class is a spectacular experience.

This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt.

Daily Prompt: The New School


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