I will remember you…

images (4)We all have people in our life that we missed. What I mean is I think that there are people who move in and out of our lives that we don’t realize are so important until they are gone.

It’s human nature, I guess.

For me, I wish I had taken the time to get to know my grandmothers better.

I wish I would have known about one’s journals and love of writing. I would have recorded the story of her life. I would have captured her humor and way of looking at life that has impacted me.

My other grandma had a passion for crafting and cooking. I wish I had paid more attention to her tips and insight on those hot summer nights pruning rose bushes and trimming peonies. I should have asked her to show me, one more time, how to crochet so I would remember now.

It would be so fantastic if Makenna had relationships with these strong, vital women. How they could have impacted her! What role models they would be!

Then it hits me. She can have that. I am part of them. Their blood runs through me. While I can’t give Makenna a relationship with these amazing woman, I can tell her what it was like growing up around them and about how they were with their children. I can tell her about the incredible marriages they built with their husbands and how they endured much over the 50+ years each of them were together.

I sometimes feel like they are reading over my shoulder as I write. I hope they are proud and that they can see the influence they had over my life. I hope they know that I will do everything I can to pass those lessons on to my daughter.

This post was prompted by The Daily Prompt.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation


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