VTA Series: Sisters are a hard act to follow

SisterActTour0253r4-Cast-of-Sister-Act-Photo-Credit-Joan-Marcus-700x463I was born into a house divided. My mom was raised by very strict Southern Baptist parents who not only helped build the local church, but also didn’t believe in dancing, drinking or gambling.

My father’s family was Irish Catholic. Bring on the fish fries, Monte Carlo night and beer!

I can remember going to mass at the one and only Catholic church in our small town thinking that I had it all figured out. Do what you want during the week and then head to confessional on Saturday. Say a few prayers and all will be forgiven. Although I could never remember when I was supposed to stand, sit or kneel. (I realize that this is not what the Catholic religion is about, but I was 10 or so at the time!)

Then my other grandparents would take me to Sunday School and church, at which we were yelled at by a preacher who always looked like he was going to have a heart attack during the sermon. He told us under no uncertain terms that we were all hell bound. We sang the same song at the end of every service begging God to forgive us for being human.

Talk about confusing!!

But what really confused me most of all was the solemn vows that priests and nuns made to God. I couldn’t imagine that life or the incredible commitment that it would take.

In the end, I didn’t feel connected to either set of beliefs and have since found other churches that have felt more at home for me. While I still don’t fully grasp the decision to become a nun or priest, I can now appreciate the desire for service and the focus and self-sacrificing mentality it would take to live that lifestyle.

The first time I saw Sister Act the movie I couldn’t get all of those old church songs out of my head. I know that it is in no way a reverent representation of the fortitude and sacrifice of this sacred lifestyle. But who can resist a comedy with nuns that rock?

So you’ll find me enjoying the fantastic Broadway version of Sister Act at the Schuster Center next week. I’ll be the one trying to decide if I should kneel, sit, stand or dance and sing along in the front row. No matter which I decide, I’ll probably go to hell anyway. 😉

Here’s a couple of great opportunities for you to join me.

First check out Fox 45’s “Nunnify Yourself” contest to win free tickets. Entries must be received by Friday, Jan. 24. If you don’t win free tickets, check out the great deal on Upper Balcony tickets. The last three rows of every performance are only $25! You can’t beat that!

Victoria Theatre Association presents the 2013-2014 Premier Health Broadway Series production of  SISTER ACT, the family-friendly, over the top spectacle with nuns that rock! SISTER ACT opens at the Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, Jan. 28 for a limited engagement!  Tickets are on sale now at the Ticket Center Stage Box Office, by phone at 937- 228-3630, 888-228-3630 and online at www.ticketcenterstage.com.


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