FARM PHILOSOPHY: The birds and the bees

kittenchickIt may be freezing outside, but our animals are all finding ways to keep themselves warm. Just a few weeks ago, I thought I had walked onto a Discovery Channel set. Not only were the birds and bees doing it, but so were the cows, chickens and cats. And if Bella could have convinced Milky Way, the goats would have been at it, too.

While Makenna had a pretty good understanding of what was going on, the boys had lots of questions. Although I didn’t want to hide from their questions, I also didn’t want to go into too much detail. So, I explained that this was how new animals were made on the farm. And that, no, the boy [INSERT: chicken, cow, cat] was not hurting the girl [INSERT: chicken, cow, cat].

Whew! At least it proves that Spring is right around the corner. Maybe we’ll have some kittens or chicks to show for this long cold winter.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of circle of life humor for your afternoon. It’s an old joke that always makes me smile.

There once were two very old men who had been the best of friends most of their lives. Fred and George were so close that they made a vow to each other that whoever died first had to come back and tell the other what the afterlife is like.

About a month after George passes away, Fred is sitting on his porch one night when he hears a voice calling his name.

“Fred! It’s me, George!”

“George!! Oh my goodness! How are you? I miss you so much! Tell me what has it been like for you?”

“Oh, Fred, you won’t believe it. I am living a dream!”

“Tell me!” Fred exclaimed.

“I get up every morning, have breakfast, make love and then take a nap. Then I get up, have lunch, make love, then take a nap. I get up, have dinner, and make love until bed time. It’s amazing!”

“WOW!” Fred says. “Heaven sounds incredible!”

“Heaven?” George says. “I’m a rabbit down on the golf course!”



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