Seeing double

boys      boys now

The day that the radiology tech at the clinic told me I was having twins I started researching this odd phenomenon. The only set of twins that anyone in my family can remember is more than eight generations back. Not exactly a hereditary thing.

When we found out that the boys were 99.8% identical, according to blood tests, I was really intrigued. I wanted to understand how it could happen (no one knows), what I could have done to make it happen (apparently nothing) and what it could mean for their future.

Here are some of the crazy facts that I found:

1. Identical twins are only identical to a point. They have different fingerprints.

2. When my boys have kids of their own, they will be half brothers and sisters rather than cousins. They come from the same paternal DNA makeup. (WEIRD!!)

3. If by chance my boys marry a set of identical twin girls, their future kids will be full brothers and sisters rather than cousins. They come from the same paternal and maternal DNA makeup. (WEIDER!!)

There are hundreds of other interesting facts and trivia. What has always blown me away are things like getting the same teeth within hours of each other, unplanned synchronized movements like when they are putting on clothes and the uncanny way they always say the same thing at the same time with the same inflection in their voice. Creepy!

For their art lesson yesterday, I had them draw portraits of each other. Not long after they started, the giggles broke out. Each was trying to make a hilarious picture of his brother. After about 10 minutes, I had them switch drawings and the results were both hilarious and crazy.

Each twin had drawn the other with buck teeth, rockin’ mohawks, four-fingered hands and t-shirts that said ‘I ❤ Mom’. Their drawings were nearly identical!

I guess I should have expected that, I mean they do look alike. But for them to draw each other so similarly was such a Twilight Zone thing to do. Sometimes, it still freaks me out!


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