A thankful mom

kiddosThis week has been crazy with weird weather, disrupted schedules and the attending of our annual wellness checks for the kids. Somewhere between whining over shots, having to get hearing tests and the yearly battle of who will be the taller twin (Dylan by a half inch this year!) we have come out on the other side with all good reports.

I unjustly take pride in the fact that for the past several years the only time we have needed to see our pediatrician is at our annual checkups. Even though, my kids are as succeptable as any to the occassional cold probably gotten from a Walmart bathroom, we have been lucky that everything has been minor.

In fact, we have been lucky with our kids health many times over. I may end up regretting this post. (Which is why I am typing with one hand so that I can use the other to knock on wood at the same time.) I really just want to thank God for healthy, happy, well-adjusted, typically growing and developing kids.

Thanks to the wonders of the Interwebs, you can find a story everyday of a child in need. Around the world there are boys and girls suffering whether from hunger, or illness or even at the hands of people they love. The stories are unfortunately endless and so incredibly heart breaking.

Right here in our own neighborhoods, there are parents and children dealing with unbelievable cricumstances. Situations that none of us ever imagine being in and that we pray and hope we will never find ourselves.

And it’s for stories like these that I have to take a moment today and say thank you. To God, to the universe, to the exponential odds that brought me three healthy, whiny, crazy, funny, smart, happy, needy, beautiful kids to love and teach and cherish. They make my life so much more than I ever imagined it would be.


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