Navigating the homeschool obstacle course

My cuties at the start of the school year in our school room.

My cuties at the start of the school year in our school room.

Over the past two days we have not only survived, but managed to find teachable moments in two of a homeschool parents biggest nightmares – a system outage and a power outage.

Over the weekend our virtual school updated their systems across the board. Our virtual classrooms, online lessons and even attendance and back end learning coach support was impacted by the update.

As is typical after an update, Monday morning was riddled with challenges. From log in issues and abrupt log outs to unavailable classes and total inability to access the back end support. By lunch, we weren’t even able to access the site at all. YIKES!!

Of course, the kids screamed snow day and headed for their electronics. I, on the other hand, had other ideas. From science and music lessons on to board games like Life (money skills) and Scrabble, we kept busy for our full day and the kids got something out of it. Yay!

Today’s challenge was a bit more, well, challenging. When our power went out around 6 a.m., I was still sleeping. I shouldn’t have been. The alarm should have gone off right about then. So when I woke up at 7, I knew something was wrong.

Of course, this challenge brought with it more than issues for homeschool. I had animals to feed and water, work to get to and no power, heat or water with which to do any of it.

After a quick feed cycle, I gathered up the kids, laptop and library card and headed out for the local library. It’s amazing what a homeschooler can accomplish there. In addition to being able to log in to our regular lessons through wi-fi and the library computers, we were also able to find new books, magazines and learning games for the kids to work through. Win-Win!

While it would have been easier to give in and take the snow days on both occasion, I am proud of the kids for working through the issues and for patiently getting through their lessons.

And we got to save up the time off for April and May when we really will want it!


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