To my valentine

Family Fall 2012Even though this is our 25th Valentine’s Day together, David and I have never really been big on celebrating the holiday. To us, we celebrate our relationship on our anniversary.

That said, we started a whole new life together this year and have spent nearly all of our time, talents and money on getting this farm off the ground. It has really changed our family. But hasn’t left much time for us.

So this year, I want to give my Valentine a little extra love. Let me tell you about what makes him the world’s best Valentine.

  • Humor – David is hilarious. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that David is the life of every get together and holiday occasion. His incredible wit and dry delivery keep us all laughing even through the hardest of times.
  • Compassion – Don’t tell him I said this, but deep down David is a real softie. You would know this if you ever saw him cuddle up with the family dog or listened to him fiercely defend the rights of Native Americans.
  • Tough Guy – David will never let anyone hurt his family or friends. He is the first to defend those who can’t defend themselves, sometimes to his own detriment, and he’s never backed down from a fight.
  • Insightful – I have never known anyone who can read people as well as David can. It might be because he is a good listener or that he is super observant, but if he tells you someone is a certain way you can take it to the bank.
  • Intelligent – My man can not only sell you a new web site, but he can design it, create it, and support it all while making you feel good about how much you paid him to do it. You can also bet you will have more customers, greater sales numbers and an incredible ROI.
  • Rocker – David had my heart the first time he sat down and played his guitar for me. He is a stunning musician and has even written me a song or two.
  • Hard worker – There is no one who works as hard as my husband. He puts in the hours and effort to ensure that the projects he signs his name to are done to the absolute best of his ability – no matter how many hours it takes. When the day is done, he will still go out and haul water, fix equipment and bale hay. And after all of that, he’ll search Craigslist for parts, write a plan for selling produce and email contracts to other farmers.

I love David for all these reasons and more. He is an amazing husband and father. Our family wouldn’t be the same without our favorite Valentine.


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