Farm Philosophy: Chicks: 8 – Dog: 2

1780632_10152167006953503_1195466006_nOn Friday, Makenna and I got a special surprise at our local Rural King. The chicks were in!! We have been anxiously waiting to add to our flock, particularly with Araucana’s or Easter Eggers. They lay blue and green eggs!

We bought 10 little chirpers and headed home. After arriving I went out to set up a spot for them and feed the rest of the animals.

Imagine my surprise when I came in the door to yelling and screaming and chirping. The dog had found the chicks and was having a snack. There was one on the floor, one in her mouth and the rest were scattered under furniture in the family room.

I was able to rescue the one from her mouth (recognizable by all the wet fur in the photo!) and found one under the TV, another under the couch, and the final under the recliner. Unfortunately, one was already dead.

I scolded the dog and spent a few hours holding the poor chick that had been in her mouth, but even with all of my love and care, she didn’t make it through the night.

My husband admonished me later for giving the dog a hard time for doing “what comes naturally. And, besides,” he added. “We are going to eventually eat them.”

I tried to explain that this was soooo not the point, but he wouldn’t buy it. In the end, I know he’s right. This is part of living on a farm. Circle of life and all. But it doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.

RIP poor little Easter Eggers. We will do better by your sisters, I promise.


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