VTA Series: It’s a wild life

bearEver since moving to our farm, I have interacted with more wild life than I ever dreamed I would in my life. Even the cows, goats, chickens and pigs were foreign to me having never really been around them much.

I have certainly broadened my horizons. I know never to come at a cow from behind – they kick hard. I know that pigs will follow you nearly any where if they are hungry and you have a bucket of feed. I know that goats will eat anything, except the grass – that’s for sheep. I know that chickens love to roam, but will stay close to home.

I have a new respect for nature and animals and I appreciate both more.

However, let me say that as much as I respect nature and am awed by its power and beauty, I will never, NEVER climb in frigid waters in the arctic to take video and photography of misunderstood 400 lb. seals. I have to draw the line somewhere.

I am thankful that National Geographic sent Paul Nicklen to do that job. I am also thankful that he is now on tour sharing those images with the world and raising awareness of the plight of arctic animals.

Join me on Monday night and hear Paul tell of his amazing interactions with leopard seals, emperor penguins, polar bears and theĀ elusive Spirit Bears of Canada. Get a sneak peek in this video.

Your kids will love the pictures and stories and so will you.

Polar Obsession: Photography from the Ends of the Earth
February 24, 2014
Victoria Theatre
Buy Tickets Now


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