43 years more, please

BdayToday is my 43rd birthday. Many people say that I have accomplished a lot in my years on this planet. But I say this – NOT ENOUGH!! I need 43 more cause I got stuff to do!

In my 43 years, I have been married nearly 21 of them. But I want to be married another 21 years – he’s a pretty great guy that husband of mine. We haven’t ever traveled together or gone to a pro basketball game or seen a rodeo or heard one of his songs on the radio.

I have been a mom just over 11 of them, but I want 43 more to watch my kids drive and go to college and dream big dreams and accomplish those dreams. I want to be a grandma and babysit my grandkids and spoil them rotten. I want to see my kids become the amazing adults I can already see they are going to be.

I have worked for most of my life and have a long list of jobs like model, singer, glass inspector, nursing assistant, HR generalist, PR pro, event planner, teacher, drive thru operator, receptionist, bank teller, stylist, make up artist, farmer, magazine editor, and many more. But I haven’t yet written a novel or owned a coffee shop or delivered a baby or knitted a sweater that someone wants to buy. I’ve got things to do yet.

So I am thankful for another year and so looking forward to many more. Let’s do this!


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